IP type semidry process gunning machine
IP type semidry process gunning machine introduction£º
based on wet gunning,the machine reduced the humidity ratio of gunning refractory impressively through adjusted the Physical and chemical indices,adopted the advanced gunning machine tech to achieve the best proportion in material, air and water,made use of hand-held spray gun to patch furnace. advantages following:
1. the humidity ratio range of the gunning refractory was 10¡«15%,and offered the necessary condition so that gained thicker air spraying lay
2. rebound rate was low and hitching rate was high (80¡«95%) through gunning process, and improved the utilization of gunning refractory.
3. the time of hitching was long,because the Physical and chemical indices of gunning refractory and original marshalling
 coincided basicly,the gunning refractory felted steadyly under the heat function of the body of wall.
4.operate easily,3¡«4 workers were enough.
5. the time for gunning was short,the speed of gunning was quick,and then reduced the time of repairing furnace, enhanced the wholy protection to furnace body
6.decreased the times of guniting,improved the efficiency,decrease the labor intensity of workers,the prolonged the age of furnace.
name unit number
inject¡¡capacity kg/min 10 ¡« 50
 storehouse cubage m 3 0.1
 gun calibre mm 25
 air feed pressure MPa ¡Ý 0.4
gas consumed measure m 3 /min ¡Ý 3
water supply pressure MPa ¡Ý 0.1
total power kw 3
exterior size m 1.4 ¡Á 0.9 ¡Á 1.45
weight kg 480
IP type semidry process gunning machine list£º
gunning machine
time company for buying number
2001 £®10
2004 £®03

  Xuanhua Steel  Coking Plant Xuanhua Steel Qian'an Filiale 1 unit
1 unit
2002 £®08
2004 £®03
Shougang Group Facility Department Shougang Group Qian'an Filiale 2 unit
1 unit
2002 £®10 Tangshan & Steel Group Liability Co,.Ltd Coking Gas- making Factory 1 unit
2002 £®10 Shenyang Coking Gas- Making Factory
1 unit
2003 £®01  Tianjin Second Gasworks 1 unit
2003 £®01 Hunan  Xxiangtan City Iron & Steel Group Co,.Ltd. 1 unit
2003 £®05  Shijiazhuang Coking Group Co,.Ltd. 1 unit
2003 £®06 Tianjin Ironworks Facility Material Department 1 unit
2003 £®09 Xinyu Iron & Steel Co,.Ltd. 1 unit
2003 £®10  Cheng Steel Group Xinxin Fantai Co,.Ltd 1 unit
2003 £®10 Liaoning Beitai 1 unit
2004 £®03 Shandong Jining Minsheng  Coal Company 1 unit
2004 £®04  Shandong Zouping Qimin Tiexiong Coking Company 1 unit
2004 £®04 Jiangxi Jingdezhen Coking Plant 1 unit
2004 £®06 Bao Steel Coking Plant 1 unit
2004 £®07 Ningxia Boyu Coking Plant 1 unit
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