Our factory has strict quality ensuring systems, and has such technological quality testing department , physics and chemistry laboratory etc., and cooperate with the administrative staff to check the products at batch in order to assure quality.
1 The materials companied with physical and chemical index list, can be allowed to be in the workshop after checking by laboratorial person.
2 In the process of producing, the staff will take part in, including professional persons and also managers of all grades, and the technology factory director as the quality supervisor.
3 The each batch of products must be checked as fixed time and quantity even in the process of producing.
4 The products must be generally checked before leaving factory, the ones of disqualification can not be allowed to leave factory.
Quality policy: Regarding science and technology as the guide, regarding quality as the life, regarding the satisfaction of customers as the starting point and continuous improvement are the eternal goals that staff purchase.
Quality goal: The qualification rate of general finished product is more than 95%; Customer satisfaction is more than 95%; and besides we try to develop new products and put it to the market every year.
Notice: offer the quality system certificate.
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